Jenna Marie Middleton is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School. When she first came to Degrassi, she was known for being a "boyfriend stealer", but has matured since then. She moved in with best friend Alli Bhandari after breaking up with K.C. Guthrie, the father of her child, Tyson, who they put up for adoption. Her father is constantly absent while working out west as a trucker, and it is mentioned that Jenna's mom is deceased, while her half brother, Kyle, moved back to Alberta.

Jenna is a very talented singer and songwriter, which led her to become a contestant on Next Teen Star, although she was eventually voted off the show. She also told Becky Baker that she started out as a brunette but dyed her hair blonde. After losing her mother, her son, and realizing she put boys before anything - Jenna knew it was time to grow up, so she became less shallow through her friendship with Becky and relationship with Connor. Being the bubbly, involved student that she is, Jenna was a part of the Power Squad at her school and joined the Degrassi Student Council. Unfortunately, once Jenna became pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption, she lost the bubbly side of her.

Although it has been close to a year after her pregnancy, she is still working and slowly succeeding in finding her old self. Though Jenna was Agnostic at first, she recently converted to Christianity. She is best friends with Alli BhandariClare Edwards, and Becky Baker. She is also good friends with Dave TurnerAdam TorresTristan Milligan,Chantay BlackJake MartinMike Dallas, and K.C. Guthrie. She used to have a conflict with Holly J. SinclairBianca DeSousa, and Marisol Lewis. She is currently dating Connor Delaurier. She is portrayed byJessica Tyler.